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Philadelphia, PA 19144

P: 215.843.8811 - F: 888.333.5032

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Service Time

Sundays 10:00-11:00am



Sermon: "All God’s Children"

12 May 2019

All God’s Children

Sermon: "A New Thing"

7 April 2019

A New Thing

Sermon: "Let There Be Light"

17 March 2019

Let There Be Light

Sermon: "The Journey to Forgiveness"

24 February 2019

The Journey to Forgiveness

Sermon: "Rub(r)ik’s Cube"

27 January 2019

Rub(r)ik’s Cube

Sermon: "A Backwards Christmas"

24 December 2018

A Backwards Christmas

Sermon: "No Place Like Home"

16 December 2018

No Place Like Home

Sermon: "Heaven Can Wait"

2 December 2018

Heaven Can Wait

Sermon: "The Beginning and the End"

18 November 2018

The Beginning and the End

Sermon: "Sharing The Light"

11 November 2018

Sharing The Light