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Sermon: "It Only Takes A Moment"

9 August 2020

It Only Takes A Moment

Sermon: "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

2 August 2020

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sermon: "What It’s Like"

26 July 2020

What It’s Like

Sermon: "Wheat Wheat Wheat"

19 July 2020

Wheat Wheat Wheat

Sermon: "Weed It And Reap"

12 July 2020

Weed It And Reap

Sermon: "You Want Me to Do What?"

28 June 2020

You Want Me to Do What?

Sermon: "Jesus’ Family Values"

21 June 2020

Jesus’ Family Values

Sermon: "The Pathway To Hope"

14 June 2020

The Pathway To Hope

Sermon: "Inside Out"

7 June 2020

Inside Out

Sermon: "Spirit Filled!"

31 May 2020

Spirit Filled!